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Tektronix CTS710
Tektronix CTS710 - SONET Test Set

Product Specs
Product Detail: Tektronix CTS710 - Tektronix CTS710 - The ANSI standards for SONET specify requirements for the network element (ADM, multiplexers, terminals, etc.) interfaces. Installation, commissioning, maintenance and repair of the SONET network involves the challenge of testing to ANSI standards. The CTS 710 is ready for the challenge to assist with these and other testing needs. In one configurable, expandable and upgradable instrument you will find everything required to do your testing. Configurable The CTS 710 is a rugged portable test set designed not only for your current tasks; through its unique architecture, it will grow with you as SONET grows. When you require additional capabilities such as optical interfaces, jitter analysis, ATM testing, etc., you can add such functionality to your CTS 710. This upgradability is important due to evolving nature of the standards, test requirements and equipment capabilities. The CTS 710 is part of a new generation of test sets combining various different functions in one instrument with the power to go beyond basic testing. The modular nature of the test set allows you to configure the instrument to your needs, without the cost of unwanted built-in capabilities. Starting with a low cost platform which addresses your basic SONET testing needs, you can expand its capabilities as desired with a growing number of options. Easy to Use The CTS 710 incorporates a number of new productivity features: AutoScan - Graphically presents the incoming signal structure and allows easy instrument setup Pass/Fail Testing - Automates following a written test procedure TroubleScan - Highlights error, alarms and defects Graphical Displays - For historical trend analysis Online Help - For quick assistance with operation Disk Drive - For easy storage of instrument setups, Pass/Fail Test and results This instrument employs innovative hardware technology which reprograms itself, depending on the operational mode. Future demands regarding access and control of particular bytes are easily reprogrammed. Upgrades are distributed on disks. Features CTS 710 52 Mb/s, 155 Mb/s and 622 Mb/s Transmit and Receive DS1 and DS3 Testing (Optional) Bit Error Rate Testing Including BIP Error Monitoring and Analysis Payload Mapping and Demapping Tributary Add, Drop and Test Pointer Generation and Analysis Alarms Generation and Analysis DCC and User Channel Access Simple User Interface Automatic Setup Rugged Modular Design, Customer Configurable Disk Drive IEEE 488.2 and RS-232C Applications Network Integrity Testing In-service Performance Monitoring Overhead Testing Tributary Mapping and Demapping Tributary Testing Stimulus and Response Testing Stress Testing APS Testing Pass/Fail Testing Characteristics CTS 710 SONET/DS3/DS1 Test Set - Transmit and Receive rates STS-1, STS-3 (electrical). STS-3c and OC-3c. OC-1, OC-3, OC-12 (optical). DS1, DS3 (Opt. 22). Compliance to ANSI T1-105. Generation and analysis - Testing of Bit Error Rates including B1, B2, B3, VT BIP, Line FEBE, Path FEBE and Payload. Complete alarm monitoring and generation. Measurements: 1 sec to 99 days. Histograms: 72 hours with 1 minute resolution. 45 days with 15 minute resolution. Measurements with ANSI T1M1.3 analysis. Overhead Management - Transport Overhead, Path Overhead and VT Overhead. Set and View Byte Value: All. Set and View Byte Trace Message: J1. Add/Drop: DCCs, F1, F2. Other - APS Control. Pointer movement control. Complete Pointer Sequence selection in accordance with ANSI T1X1.6. Timing offset up to 100 ppm. DS1 and DS3 T-carrier testing (Opt. 22). Disk storage: 200 instrument setups, 400 hours of results including histories or 200 Pass/Fail tests on each disk (DOS compatible). Safety - UL3111-1, CSA1010.1, EN61010-1, IEC61010-1. Laser - Laser EN60825-1 (Class 1), 21CFR1000 (Class I). Physical Characteristics Dimensions mm in. Height 164 6.4 Width 491 14.25 Depth 1362 19.25 Weight kg lbs. Net 10 22.5

Category: Misc
Sub Category: Misc
Options: 04, 22 - AS-IS, No Warranty
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Sale Price: $150.00
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