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Diane Gelb — President and CEO

Founder and President of Test Equipment Solutions Today, Diane Gelb has spent the last twenty years in various positions within the test and measurement industry. Diane's management experience, knowledge of the industry, and relationships within the industry were extremely useful in the early stages of the company’s formation. During Diane’s early years in the industry she came to realize that many customers were turned away because of the unresponsive service from many companies. She became convinced that a business could effectively provide quality equipment, as well as prompt and courteous service, and has made these the goals of Test Equipment Solutions Today. In her free time (what free time?) she enjoys spending time with her family, traveling, and reading. Diane is actively involved in the day-to-day operations of the company and is always available to answer any questions or help customers resolve any issues they may have.

Lisa Childs —Financial Manager

Lisa Childs started her career with Test Equipment Solutions Today in 2000 and handles multiple areas of the company. With twenty-two years of bank operations experience, Lisa handles the financial side of the business, but also manages the responsibilities of making sure the office runs smoothly. In her free time Lisa enjoys traveling, skiing, and spending time with her family.

Denise Kohlmann — New Business Development

Serving the test and measurement industry for over ten years, Denise Kohlmann has been bringing her experience to Test Equipment Solutions Today and its customers since 1997. Denise is in charge of new business development and makes sure customers are updated on new services and programs being offered by Test Equipment Solutions Today. When not at work Denise enjoys long-distance running and spending time with her family.

Tammy Stewart — Marketing and Customer Advocate

Tammy Stewart has been with Test Equipment Solutions Today since 2000 and since then has won various company awards with her success as an Account Manager. Prior to joining Test Equipment Solutions Today, she spent fourteen years in sales for a leading department store. In her spare time, Tammy enjoys her role as a soprano in a choir, reading, and spends time with her family doing various outdoor activities such as biking and traveling. In 2004 Tammy shifted her focus to marketing and customer support within the company.

Cameron Falk — Equipment Management

When a customer needs test equipment that isn’t currently in stock, Cameron Falk is the person who hunts it down for them. Currently working in purchasing, Cameron has been with Test Equipment Solutions Today since 2002, and works closely with the warehouse to ensure that he knows the status of every unit sold. Cameron’s interest in locating units for customers stem from his automotive interest, which often find him combing the web for the highest quality car parts needed to get his vehicles in racing condition.

Tony Lopez - Warehouse

When a customer purchases equipment, Tony Lopez is the one who ensures that it arrives safely and in the best condition possible. Tony’s extreme focus and ability to deal with deadlines made him the go-to person to handle the distribution and the operational side of the business. Tony is a workaholic, focused on bringing customers the quality that they require, but when he isn’t working he can be found on the basketball courts shooting hoops.




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